Video Editor for Mac – Kigo Video Converter Ultimate

Kigo Video Converter Ultimate is a versatile video converting tool, for it can convert multiple video formats, extract audio from video to be compatible with various multimedia players, download videos from YouTube, and what's more noteworthy, it has amazing video editing functionalities.

All-in-one Video Editor for Mac – Kigo Video Converter Ultimate

Kigo Video Converter Ultimate is a powerful video editor for Mac which can clip and merge videos and add various effects to create unique videos.

Click Edit effect icon     Edit button to open the effect window and play video automatically in the Original Preview and Output Preview without any effects.

Section 1: Clip the video based on time.

When the video is playing, click start time icon to clip the video based on time by blue marker. And then click the available end time icon to complete the clip. When click reset icon, the blue marked clip will be deleted from playback progress bar.

Video clips


1. When the video is paused, it doesn't support clip.

2. You can restart clip the video by click start time when a clip completed. And the prior one will be removed.

Section 2: Add effects on the video

1. Click Select Effect drop-list to set No Effect or add the effect such as Blur on the video.

2. Drag the value sliders to adjust Brightness, Contrast and Saturation.

3. Click Reset button to cancel the Effect settings on the video.

Edit video effects

Section 3: Crop the video based on viewfinder

Check on Enable Crop and then the crop frame will show up in the Original Preview window. The Output Preview will display the pictures from viewfinder. When Checking on Enable Crop, click the drop-list to set the Zoom Type such as Letter Box, Keep Original, Force Scale, 16:9 and 4:3.

And you can add other effects by checking on Mirror and Flip.

Crop video size

1. Dragging and resizing the crop frame can custom the viewfinder.
2. Changing the cropped and effects is independent with each other.

Section 4: Add watermarks on the video

Click Watermark Type drop-list to set No Watermark or set watermark with Image Watermark or Text Watermark.

add watermark to video

Set Image Watermark: Click the available … button to add Watermark Content and then drag the available slides to adjust Opacity.

Set Text Watermark: Input the text in the Watermark Content and click the available … button to set the font. Then drag the available slides to adjust Opacity.

1. You can drag and resize the watermark in the Output Preview window.
2. Changing the Watermark Type will remove the watermark that has been added.

1. All effects produced from Effect, Crop and Watermark will be both displayed in the Output Preview window.
2. Changing the Clip, Effect, Crop and Watermark is independent with each other.

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