PlayOn Review: Is It Worth It

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Welcome to our PlayOn review. Whether you are familiar with this product, want to learn more, or are considering a purchase, this article will provide you with information about this help you decide if it's right for you or your business.

PlayOn review

PlayOn Overview

PlayOn provides a streaming service that enables individuals to capture and save their preferred TV programs, films, and other entertainment content from various streaming platforms and channels. PlayOn offers two options: PlayOn Cloud (for mobile and Mac) and PlayOn Home (for Windows PC exclusively).

Who Needs PlayOn

PlayOn Users: PlayOn is primarily used by individuals who want to record videos from streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu for offline viewing or personal use.

Content Creators: PlayOn can also be beneficial for content creators who want to capture and edit video clips from streaming platforms for their own projects.

Families and Individuals: PlayOn offers a convenient way for families and individuals to enjoy their favorite streaming content without relying on an internet connection.

PlayOn's Features

PlayOn offers a range of features, including the ability to record from over 100 streaming services, schedule recordings, convert recordings to different formats, and stream recordings to other devices.

PlayOn Home Browser: PlayOn Home is a browser that allows you to play and cast subtitles on your Windows PC. It also includes features like ad skipping. source

PlayOn Cloud App: The PlayOn Cloud app uses the old PlayOn Desktop Menu UI. It allows you to access your PlayOn library from anywhere.

Video Playback and Casting: PlayOn supports a wide range of video formats and allows you to cast them to your TV or other devices.

PlayOn's Pricing

PlayOn offers free trial services but is not entirely free. PlayOn Home subscription allows unlimited recordings for $39.99 yearly or $14.97 quarterly. PlayOn Cloud offers 7 free recording credits for 7 days, then requires the purchase of recording credits. Additionally, cloud storage plans are available for a monthly fee.

PlayOn's Pricing

Pros and Cons


  • Record from various streaming services.
  • Schedule recordings in advance.
  • Convert your recordings to different video formats for playback on various devices.
  • Stream your recorded videos to other devices like smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.
  • Affordable pricing: PlayOn has reasonably priced plans starting at $4.99/month.


  • Content availability may be limited: Some streaming services may block or limit the ability to record their content using PlayOn.
  • Potential quality loss: The recording quality may not be as high as the original stream, especially for high-definition content.
  • Take up too much storage space: Recorded videos can take up a significant amount of storage space, especially for long recordings or high-quality content.
  • Require always-on device: The PlayOn software needs to be running on a device connected to the internet to handle recordings.
  • Occasional compatibility issues: Some users have reported minor compatibility problems with certain streaming services or devices.

Best PlayOn Alternative for Netflix Users: Kigo Netflix Video Downloader

If you are a Netflix fan, recording your screen with PlayOn can be a lengthy process, but there's a more efficient option for directly downloading Netflix videos while preserving their original quality and saving time with audio tracks and subtitles kept, Kigo Netflix Video Downloader is the solution you're looking for. With Kigo Netflix Video Downloader, you can easily download your favorite Netflix videos in HD MP4 or MKV format with 1080p for offline viewing, making it a strong alternative to PlayOn.

kigo netflix video downloader

Why Choose Kigo Netflix Video Downloader

  • Embedded Netflix web browser. No need to open a separate browser, you can search play, and download your favorite videos.
  • Up to 10x faster download speeds. In just a short time, you can finish downloading an HD movie very quickly.
  • Multiple subtitle and audio track support. You can choose the right audio track and subtitle language according to your needs.
  • Output 1080p MP4 or MKV video. The downloaded video will be saved in MP4 or MKV format for most video playback devices.
  • Supports different video encoding formats of H.265 and H.264. The different video encoding formats are well-suited for users who want to burn videos.
  • Three subtitle saving modes. You can choose to store subtitles as internal, external or hardcode subtitles.
  • Extract audio or subtitles only. If you only want audio files and not video, then Kigo can accommodate you as well.


In summary, after reviewing PlayOn, you may have gained a better understanding of its capabilities. While PlayOn allows for the recording of streaming videos for offline viewing, it may not be the most efficient option for swiftly converting streaming videos into high-quality MP4 files. As an alternative, you can utilize video downloaders such as Kigo Netflix Video Downloader to easily save videos from Netflix to your computer and store them in HD MP4 or MKV formats with minimal effort. Moreover, Kigo ensures exceptional full HD 1080P video quality for an enjoyable offline viewing experience. If you need a dependable Netflix video downloader, consider giving it a try!.

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