Two Methods to Download TV Episodes from Hulu

There are two different plans that gives users access to thousands of ad-free shows and movies from the Hulu streaming library: Hulu (No Ads) for $11.99/month & Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV for $70.99/month. Whether you choose to subscribe, you can download Hulu videos offline with Hulu app from the Hulu streaming library.

As you know that if you have installed the latest Hulu app on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS 12.0 and above), Android phones and tablets (Android 5.0 and above, Screen size of at least 800x480 pixels), Amazon Fire Tablets ( Fire OS 5 or higher), it is simple to download Hulu movies or TV shows offline, and you can play these videos without internet connection like on a travel or on the airplane.

Download Hulu Videos Offline

According to your mobile device or your computer, the methods to download episodes or movies from Hulu are different. You can find one suitable for yourself from the both two methods.

Method 1. How to Download Movies or Episodes with Hulu App

To make sure the downloading successfully, please install the latest version of Hulu app on your mobile devices.

  1. First please make sure connect your mobile devices to a Wi-Fi network, or enable cellular downloading.
  2. Open Hulu app and go to Search icon from the global navigation bar.
  3. Tap Downloadable from the menu.
  4. Swipe through the various collections to browse.
  5. Select the movie or show you’d like to download.
    For movies, press the Download button from the Details page.
    For TV shows, select the Episodes tab to find downloadable episodes. If an episode is available for offline viewing, tap the Download icon next to it.
  6. Go to Downloads from the global navigation bar to monitor downloads in progress

In addition, if you already know what you’re looking for, you can type in the movie or show into the Search bar. Just keep in mind that download availability varies from title to title.

Method 2. How to Download Movie or Episodes with Kigo

Sometimes while some Hulu videos are leaving Hulu, or you want to save downloaded Hulu movies or TV episodes to One Drive, or iCloud and so on, you need to download these Hulu videos on your computer. Hulu doesn’t support a simple method to download videos offline like its App (built-in download). Any method to download Hulu TV episode or movies on laptop.

Kigo Hulu Video Downloader gives you a simple yet helpful solution to download movies or TV shows from Hulu and save them to MP4 or MKV format with HD quality. The whole or some audio track and subtitles can be also downloaded at the same time.

Key Features of Kigo Hulu Video Downloader
  • Support downloading Hulu videos including movies and TV shows..
  • Retain all or part of audio tracks and subtitles.
  • Download Hulu movies or episodes to MP4 / MKV format.
  • Support AC3 audio and HD video downloading.
  • Fast speed and easy to operate.
  • Work on both Windows and Mac system.
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Detailed Guide to Use Kigo to Download Hulu TV Episodes or Movies

After you download the latest version of Hulu Video Downloader and install on your computer, please click to launch Kigo on your PC.

Step 1. Output Format and Output Quality Settings.

Before we add Hulu episodes or movies to download, we need do some output settings like the output format, video quality, output path and so on.

Click on the Settings tab on the top right corner of the window to set the output related settings. Here we set MP4 as the output format, and save up to HD video quality. You can use the default output folder or reset as you like.

download settings

Step 2. Add Movies or TV Episodes from Hulu to Kigo.

Here we can copy the video url from Hulu and paste the link to Kigo Hulu Video Downloader, or drag videos' link to Kigo Hulu Video Downloader, or use the video title to search and find the TV shows or movies to download.

Usually the program will automatically recognize the video link on the user’s clipboard, and then parse it and open it on the program

If this is your first time login, you need to login with your Hulu account to go on. After the login, now the search results will list on the program.

Add Hulu videos

Please note that Kigo Hulu Video Downloader will not take any information out of your account. More declaimer about privacy.

Step 3. Select Audio Track and Subtitle.

With the built-in “Advanced Download" setting, we can select the whole or some of audio track and subtitle as needed. If you want to download a TV show, simply click the Download icon, followed that a window will pop up allowing you to select titles as well as seasons, and to choose audio track and subtitles by clicking "Advanced Download" in the bottom left corner. If you try to download a movie, please click advanced icon to open the window.

Advanced download settings

Step 4. Start downloading.

Now you can click the "Download" button to start downloading movies or TV episodes from Hulu.

Downloading Hulu videos

Step 5. Find the downloaded Hulu episodes.

After the Hulu episodes downloading, you can click "Library" - "Folder icon" to locate the downloaded episodes directly.

Find the downloaded Hulu videos

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There are so many fascinating TV series and episodes including Hulu original series on Hulu. It is necessary to download Hulu videos offline. And then even without internet, you can still play these Hulu episodes as you like. Of course with Kigo Hulu Video Downloader, the downloaded Hulu videos can also be played on Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, Roku, RealPlayer, Amazon Fire TV, Microsoft Xbox 360.

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