How to Download Netflix Movies to MP4

We all know clearly that Netflix movies can be downloaded or offline playing when you use iOS, Android or Win 10. However, the videos downloaded in this way, you can only watch them through the corresponding app, not to mention downloading them into MP4 format, so what should you do if you want to download Netflix videos into MP4 format?

Download Netflix Movies to MP4

Method to Find The Videos You are Able to Download

Not every movie and TV show is available for offline viewing. There is a simple method to find the resources that you are able to download.

Take your phone for example, click to open your Netflix app, and go to tap the Downloads button on the bottom navigation bar. You should see either a gray Find Something to Download or Find More to Download button. After you click it, it will pop up a new page, and all the contents of the page can be downloaded.

You can also search videos by the video title, and click the download button to download. Some videos can be allowed to download because of the license or copyrights and so on.

Tool - Kigo Netflix Video Downloader

Netflix supports built-in downloading feature only for Windows 10 users, if you are Win 7 / Win 8 users, you can choose the powerful Netflix video downloader to help you.

As a powerful Netflix downloader, Kigo Netflix Video Downloader enables you to download movies, TV series and documentaries in HD quality to your Windows or Mac. During the download process, you can also choose the language of the subtitles and audio tracks to be downloaded. Kigo offers 10+ languages by default. You can also set the output quality to 480p, 720p or 1080p. It also supports downloading in 5.1 Dolby audio quality.

Netflix Video Downloader
  • Support downloading movies, TV shows and original series in MP4 or MKV.
  • All and some the audio tracks and subtitles will be kept.
  • Download up to 1080p HD videos.
  • Support H.265 and H.264.
  • Fast speed and easy to operate.

Steps to Download Netflix Movies to MP4 Format

When you download movies with Netflix app, you can only play them offline via Netflix, not to say that you want to save to MP4 format. It is totally impossible. Don't worry. The following guide show you the detailed steps to download Netflix movies to MP4 format.

Step 1 Set the output.

After you download the latest version to your computer, install and run Kigo on your PC. click the Settings icon in the upper right corner to open the Settings window. Here you can select the output format (MP4 / MKV), output quality (Low / Medium / High), select language and subtitle language, and so on.

output settings

Step 2 Add movie from Netflix to Kigo.

For there is a search engine built-in in Kigo, you can directly input the movie name you want to download and search it. When you input the movie name, it will lists all the related videos for you. Find what you want to download and click the download button.

Search Marriage Story

Please note that if you don't use Kigo Netflix Downloader ever, you need to log in with your Netflix account to continue downloading.

Step 3. Open the "Advanced Download" window.

Click the advanced settings button next to the download button to open the "Advanced Download" window. Through the window, you can set the video output quality, bit rate, audio tracks, subtitle files, etc. more specifically.

Advanced download settings

Step 4 Start to download movie from Netflix.

After you complete the above settings, you can click the download button to start downloading the video.

downloading movie from Netflix

When the download is complete, you can click on Library - Folder icon to quickly locate your downloaded movie.


Different movies enrich our cultural life. When you use Kigo Netflix Video Downloader to save these Netflix movies to MP4 format, you can try to play them on different MP4 video players. This is wonderful. Don't hesitate. Just download and take a try.

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