Amazon Prime Video Downloads Disappeared, How to Fix

Some users found that their downloaded Amazon videos disappeared, and they don’t know why. Generally speaking, users have 30 days to watch their Amazon Prime Video downloads before they disappear from their devices. This is just for the case you haven't started watching. But once you start watching a title, you'll have 48 hours to finish it. Of course, the valid viewing period may be only one of the reasons.

Fix Amazon Prime Video Downloads Disappeared

There can be various reasons why the downloaded videos disappear on Amazon Prime Video as following.

1. Check Your Video Library

Make sure you check your video library thoroughly for the Video you are looking for in your downloads. Sometimes, due to the presence of many titles in the download section, one can miss out on videos if not checked properly.

2. Video Has Left Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime acquires Movies and TV shows on a contract basis. Most Movies and TV shows that are available on the service are acquired for a limited amount of time, mostly yearly.

It is a possibility that the Video you downloaded is no longer part of the Amazon Prime Video catalog. Go online and check for the title which you are searching for if it is still available on the Amazon Prime Video server.

3. Download Limit

Most people don’t know this, but there is a limit to the number of videos that one can download using an Amazon Prime Video subscription. Usually, the number is 15-25 across all devices using one Amazon Prime Video account.

4. Connection Interrupted

Please ensure after every Download that the title is added to the library. Sometimes, the internet connection gets interrupted, and the file is not downloaded completely.

Although Amazon Prime Video offers the option to resume downloading, it may get lost due to some glitches.

5. Your Subscription Has Ended

Check whether your Subscription has ended or not. When your Subscription is over, videos will not show up in one’s video library.

6. Viewing Period

There is a viewing period for every video one downloads. The Video stays in the Download section for about 30 days. Also, the Video disappears if one started watching the Video and did not complete it in 48 hours.

7. Account Hack

There is a slight possibility that your account is hacked by someone. Make sure to log out whenever using a public device or a device that does not belong to you.

Solution to Avoid Amazon Videos Disappearing

Well, we have knew the reasons why the downloaded videos disappear on Amazon Prime Video, any solution to avoid the videos disappearing? Yes, you can try to download Amazon videos offline with the third-party Amazon Video Downloader instead of the built-in downloading function of the Amazon Prime Video App.

Kigo Amazon Video Downloader is what you are looking for. It is an excellent choice for users to download movies, TV shows and documentaries from Amazon videos and PrimeVideo with different region and save these videos to MP4 or MKV format with up to 1080p HD quality. All the audio tracks and subtitles can also be kept during the downloading. And it also supports the purchased videos downloading if you can watch them normally before your downloading. And then you have no need to worry about the download limits.

Kigo Amazon Video Downloader
  • Download Amazon movies, TV shows including Amazon original series.
  • Save Amazon Prime videos to MP4 / MKV.
  • Select audio tracks and subtitles to keep.
  • Support up to 1080p HD videos.
  • Fast speed and easy to operate.
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Steps to Download Amazon Prime Videos Offline and Keep Forever

First, Free download the latest version of Amazon Prime Video Downloader, install and run it.

Step 1. Set the output format and other output settings.

Before you load Amazon Prime videos to Kigo, you can click the setting icon to set the output format (MP4 / MKV), output video quality (High, Medium, Low) and so on.

Amazon Video Downloader Settings

According to the video you want to download, you can turn to "Account Setting" windows and select "Website" to change the region.

Change website or region

Step 2. Add Amazon Videos to Download

You can use the video title to search the videos to add on Kigo Amazon Video Downloader, which is also recommended. Or you can copy and paste the video link or drag the video link to Kigo directly.

After pasting the URL or entering the title of a video, the videos have been listed on the Kigo.

Add Amazon Video

Step 3. Advanced downloading setting.

Kigo Amazon Video Downloader also offers the "Advanced Download" option that allows you to select specific video quality, audio tracks and subtitles with different bitrate. For movies, click "Advanced Setting" icon icon next to the download icon. If you try to download a TV show, click the "Download" icon, followed that a window will pop up allowing to select episode, and you will the "Advanced Download" button at the bottom left corner of the window.

Advanced Download Settings

Step 4. Start downloading.

Now you can click the "Download" button to start download Amazon movies or TV shows.

Downloading Amazon Video

When the downloading is completed, you can click on "Library" to find the downloaded MP4 Amazon videos.


After the downloading with Kigo, the videos will be saved on your computer as long as you like until you delete them. And Kigo Amazon Video Download also provides with a Mac version which has the same steps as the above. It is so simple, you can also download and take a try.


Videos from Amazon™ are copyrighted. Any redistribution of it without the consent of the copyright owners may be a violation of the law in most countries, including the USA. KigoSoft is not affiliated with Amazon™, nor the company that owns the trademark rights to Amazon™. This page is provided for compatibility purposes only, and in no case should be considered an endorsement of KigoSoft products by any associated 3rd party.

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