How to Watch Disney Plus Offline on iPad without App

Recently, I saw someone ask this question “My daughter’s iPad can't download the app due to iOS 11. Also have tried logging in and streaming from the website itself but it keeps telling us to download the app, Any ideas ???”

Watch Disney Plus Offline on iPad

Although it is possible to watch Disney Plus on an iPad without the app, you do need the right version of the video player. Unfortunately, your old iPad has reached that point they aren't powerful enough to run new apps. Totally iOS 11 is too old to support that. Also, the demanding resolution and stream decoding might require a more capable device. In other words, if the iPad doesn't work with iPad 13, Disney Plus probably won't play on it.

From the Disney Plus help center, Disney Plus app can only be installed on Apple mobile devices (requires iOS 14.0 or later) or Apple iPad (iPadOS 14.0 or later), or else, you need to look for other methods to watch Disney Plus videos on your iPad.

Tool - Kigo DisneyPlus Video Downloader

But don't worry the next tutorial will help you easily download Disney Plus videos to your computer, and then you can sync these downloaded videos to your old iPad. This way you can watch these videos on your iPad anytime, anywhere, without the Disney App, and without the need for an internet link.

Kigo DisneyPlus Video Downloader is one such helper. It can quickly and efficiently download different types of Disney Plus videos to your computer and store them in MP4 or MKV format (both of which are well compatible with the iPad). You can also selectively download audio tracks and subtitles in your language. The downloaded videos can be synced to your iPad with a simple drag and drop. Meanwhile, all audio and subtitles can be easily saved as embedded subtitles or external subtitles in srt or vtt format. Forced subtitles are also supported for download if required.

Kigo Disney+ Video Downloader
  • Download movies, and TV shows including original series from Disney Plus.
  • Save Disney+ videos to MP4 / MKV format.
  • Select some or the whole audio tracks and subtitles to keep.
  • Download Disney+ HD videos.
  • Support 5.1 audio kept.
  • Save up to 75% time compared to screen recording type programs.
  • Fast speed and easy to operate.

How to Download Disney Plus Videos to Computer

Step 1. Select the output settings.

When the download and installation are complete, click to launch Kigo DisneyPlus Video Downloader, and then tap on the Settings tab to set the output video format (MP4 or MKV), video quality (High, Medium, and Low), output path, audio languages, subtitle languages and so on.

download settings

In the Download Settings column, you can choose the output format (MP4 / MKV), output video quality (Low, Medium and High), language preference for audio tracks and subtitles, and output path. Also, you can choose to save the subtitles to Internal, External, or Hardcode subtitles.

In the Account Settings column, you can view and log out of the currently logged-in account.

In the Advanced column, you can choose the appropriate video codec, H.264 and H.265, and set the proxy according to your needs. Also, the program sets the recommended maximum number of downloads per day.

Step 2. Add Disney Plus videos.

To add Disney Plus videos you want to download, you can search and add videos directly by their names in Kigo's embedded search engine. You can also copy the video link or drag the video link to Kigo.

Add Disney Plus videos

Please note that Kigo DisneyPlus Video Downloader will not take any information out of your account. More declaimer about privacy. And KigoSoft strictly complies with the US Copyright Regulations.

Step 3. Select "Advanced Download" settings.

If the video you want to download is a TV show, you need to select the season and the episode. And then click "Advanced Download" to choose the audio track and subtitles in the bottom left corner.

If you try to download a movie, please click advanced icon to open the "Advanced Download" window.

Advanced download settings

Step 4. Start to download videos.

After you choose the audio track and subtitle, you can click the "Download" button to start.

Downloading Disney+ videos

Transfer Disney Plus videos to iPad and Watch them Offline

After the downloading, all the downloaded videos can be found and located by clicking "Library" - "Folder icon". Connect your computer to your iPad using a USB cable. Please open the folder where the downloaded video is located. Click the iPad icon when it appears on iTunes. Navigate to the “Summary” tab, then “Movies.” Tap on “Sync Movies” and select the video you want to transfer.

Or you can also use a third-party file transfer tool like Syncios (or Syncios Mobile Manager) to transfer the Disney Plus videos from your computer to your iPad.


When you refer to the above way to download Disney Plus videos with Kigo DisneyPlus Video Downloader and sync them to your iPad, you don't need to worry about your iPad model or network or anything else. This is an optimal solution.

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